Sunday, 6 July 2014

Felting at Manchester Mega Mela 2014

Last year I did Rangooli patterns in felt -  here are a few of the ones that were made by the children...

but it got so busy that this year I thought we'd do something a little bit quicker and the quickest activity I could think of was felt bangles.

The children picked their own colours and made something a little like this.

They sprinkled it with soapy water, pressing down gently (!) to make sure the water was distributed.

They rolled it a little on the bubble wrap.

Before rolling it between their hands until it was felted.

Another photo, this time with her Auntie's bangle too.

It was s good activity for all ages - the smallest bangle here was made by a 2 year old ( with a little help!).

It was good to see children I'd seen last year come back for more felting fun ....

....and last year!

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