Monday, 30 June 2014

Kandinsky School Felt Project

Recently I worked with a class of Year 6 children - the theme was Keeping in Shape and they wanted to use Kandinsky's 'Concentric Circles' as inspiration.

They did some lovely drawings using pastels with their teacher and then they used Kap merino to replicate their designs in felt.

Here are the children's squares ready to be felted together.

The children made one square for the communal piece....

and one square which they fully felted to take home....

We laid the squares on a purple prefelt backing and the children created a border.

The children enjoyed wetting the piece before quite a bit of rubbing - which got very soapy!

and then lots of rolling...

Once finished they enjoyed finding their squares.

I then mounted their lovely work on a canvas which Pippin thought would make a great rug...

... she had to make do with a sample I had done for the project.

(The above sample was made using Kool Aid and prefelt which did work well but the teacher really wanted to use wool having enjoyed making Viking friendship bracelets about five years ago when my son was in her class).

It's now on one of her favourite spots - the windowsill.

She loves it!

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