Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Felt, Crochet and Knitting

I love to crochet but never seem to finish anything!

At least the above attempt at a blanket is a bit bigger than another blanket I started:


Amigurumi is a good idea for me since I usually manage to finish those projects - particularly if a child is eagerly awaiting their completion.

So I'm trying to combine crochet and felt and also a bit of knitting in my bag making.

I've crocheted a few pockets 

I've also knitted a pair of handles.

This bag fits quite a lot in and I'm pleased with how strong the handles have been.

Here they are together.

Pippin thinks they make great cushions to sleep on.

Particularly in the pub!

She also didn't want to be upstaged by an amigurumi zebra!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Manchester Mega Mela and Beech Road Festival

Had a busy but very enjoyable two days doing felting activities at the Mega Mela in Manchester.

On the first day the children ( and some adults) used prefelts to make Rangoli inspired patters.

The odd 'Splodge Monster" was also made.

 It was non stop felting fun for five hours! But it was great to see all the different designs that could be made with just three shapes.

The following day I was double booked - I set up early at Beech Road Festival and spent an hour or so there.

I was sharing a gazebo with Ames from 'Ames likes Toast'.

 My table.

Ames's table and all her wonderful crochet creations. I really love her cute colourful aliens.

So at 1 o'clock I set off to the Mela again.

Some children go both days so I decided to do some sewing on my handmade felt.

There was a choice of elephants:

Peacock Feathers:

Or Paisley shapes or squares that incorporated silks from Asia:

Unfortunately I couldn't take photos on the day since my husband needed his i- phone to watch the tennis - Andy Murray in the final of Wimbledon! (he was looking after my Craft Stall so I couldn't really complain!).

The above pink shape with the yellow flower was done by a young boy who went off to get his face painted and never came back! Shame since he did such a fantastic job.

So a very busy but enjoyable two days - and there was free curry and lots of sunshine - what more could you want?!