Thursday, 30 May 2013

Nuno Felt Cushion Turns into Bag!

I recently made a cushion which I wasn't very happy with!

So decided to try to turn it into a bag.

I cut along the top and down the sides. I wanted to use one side to fold over to act as a flap and the other side I was going to fold inside the bag and use it to make two pockets.

So first I added a magnetic clasp to the side I was going to fold inside the bag. Unfortunately I put it on the wrong way round - still works though! I then folded this side inside the bag and sewed it down. The photo below shows the bag inside out.

I then cut two slits to create pockets and edged with blanket stitch.                                                        

 I trimmed the flap and made a crochet strap.

Prefer it as a bag - not quite the right dimensions but it fits my stuff in and will be good for dog walks -  Pippin agrees!

Not sure what she thought about the little monster - think she was worried he'd pinched her favourite spot!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Nuno Felting in the Washing Machine

Had a little experiment to see if I could create some nuno/laminate felt in the washing machine, without doing any rubbing, rolling or throwing myself.

The result wasn't entirely successful - there were bits of the fabric that had not adhered to the wool and I had to put them in about three cycles to get them to the stage I wanted. But it wasn't a complete disaster. I shaped them into four different brooches and may have another go sometime.

Here's another washing machine experiment.

I placed some handmade prefelts around a shower gel bottle, then I wrapped wool around everything to secure it in place. I then put it in a leg of a tights and washed it on a 40 degree wash.

Somehow it turned into this little creature!

And this little monster was done in the exact same way but around a balloon with legs and arms attached before putting in the washing machine.

What to do with them now!!