Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Sea Life School Felt Project

 I recently worked with two Year 6 classes (11 year olds) and two Year 2 classes (7 year olds) at a local Primary School. We decided to do sea life since their school logo is two dolphins.

One Year 2 class dyed prefelt with Kool Aid ...

                                                                                                                                                                  Whilst the other Year 2 class made some lovely textured pre felts....

One Year 6 class made sea anemones / coral ...

And the other class made tropical fish...



The Year 2 children then spent a day putting it all together.

They made the dolphins...

                                                                                                                                                            They then worked in groups to lay down the background using wool tops on a layer of blue prefelt ...

They cut the prefelts they had made into seaweed, coral, a couple of jellyfish and starfish.  Each child had already used their prefelt to cut out a small fish to be used in some shoals of fish.

And then they positioned everything - which did prove difficult since there was so much to fit on!

It was almost complete in the above photo - there were still two jellyfish and some shoals of fish to squeeze in!

Once everyone was happy there was a lot of rubbing to do - which luckily the children usually really enjoy - especially the wetting out bit.

After the rubbing and some rolling it measured around 110cm by 160cm which was just right for mounting on a 1 metre by 1 and a half metre canvas.

Here are the two dolphins ...

And here it is in it's new home...


I think the children did a brilliant job. They also made something for themselves - either a jelly fish or a tropical fish.

Pippin thought it was great!

And she like's her new jellyfish friend!


  1. Wow - this is such an amazing piece of felt, the children must be really proud (most adults would not be able to make something so beautiful), I hope it is hanging where they can all enjoy it.

    1. Thanks Teri, It's in a well used corridor so the children will be able to see it and feel it too - the different textures made it very tactile!

  2. Super project!!! I'm sure you've started a new group of feltmakers on their way!!

    1. Thank you Heather. Hopefully the project will have inspired some new feltmakers. Last year I worked in the same school and a ten year old girl told me she wanted to be a feltmaker when she grew up!

  3. It looks absolutely fab finished and mounted. good job