Monday, 22 October 2012

Past Feltings

Just thought I'd post a few pictures of the different things I've made in the past and decided the easiest way would be to use photos of a few craft fairs I've done.

These three photos are of a Christmas Craft Fair I did at my son's school two Christmas's ago:

 And this was a summer craft fair at a festival that was cancelled! That is, the music was cancelled but the craft stalls went ahead - so a very quiet one!

And lastly getting ready for the craft fair at my son's school last Christmas.

 I didn't really have much to sell but found that the robin kits were very popular.

The shape of the robin is taken from the fairtrade symbol! I used Shetland and Blue Faced Leicester wool for them so they were 100% British! Think it's time I made some ready for this Christmas. I'm hoping to experiment with some hand woven wool my Uncle made and kindly gave me. If successful,
I'll post some pictures.

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