Wednesday, 3 October 2012

How I made my Lavender Picture

Thought I would post a few photos showing how my pictures were created.
First up is my Lavender picture.
I used a lovely french lavender plant for inspiration.

After sketching it with chalky pastels I made some prefelts from purple shades of merino for the flowers and shades of green for the leaves and incorporated some cotton/bamboo yarn.

I cut them into lavender shapes and positioned them onto some hand dyed cotton scrim. I cut leaf shapes out of some hand dyed silk and some hand dyed wool prefelt that luckily I had left over from another project and added those along with some cotton/bamboo yarn.

I experimented with positioning before taking them off to lay down a background in shades of orange. I then built the picture up with the prefelts and yarns.

I then rolled and rolled - probably about 300 times every which way before throwing gently to achieve the size I wanted. I pulled it to 40.5 cm square ( it always shrinks slightly as it dries - the final measurement was to be 40cm square) and left it to dry on a towel.

The finished piece!

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