Thursday, 4 October 2012

Abstract Spagetti Nuno Felt Picture

Inspiration can come from virtually anywhere - for this picture it came from the many shapes you can see in different pastas!
To begin with I enjoyed some very free painting to find the colours and design I wanted.
 I really liked how the colours merged and blended in this one and wanted to try to replicate this in felt.  I decided to use the nuno method of felting, so first of all I hand dyed a piece of silk.
I wet the silk and then layed down my merino wool and yarns on top.
I then carefully wet the piece with a sprinkler, making sure not to  move the wool and covered in thin plastic.
I then rubbed the piece for ten minutes followed by lots of rolling - about 300 rolls from each side.
After which I folded it into a parcel shape and dropped it gently onto the mat until the back had crinkled and it was the size I wanted plus about half a centimetre.
The finished piece:
 And the back:

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  1. Beautiful! I stumbled across this type of felting tonight. It's all so gorgeous. I noticed the prices on for these products are very high! Is this an expensive craft? Or maybe people charge a lot because items are a piece of art.