Saturday, 1 June 2013

Needle Felt and Nuno Felt Elephants and Tortoises

I've been enjoying making some tortoises and elephants. It all started with making a tortoise for my son's friend - to give his real life tortoise a buddy (I did give him money too - don't think a needle felt tortoise on its own would have gone down too well with an eleven year old!).

I was quite sorry to see him go - almost decided to keep him! So just had to make some more. Then I went on to make some elephants since I think they're cute too.

Carried on the theme by making some sewing kits for  a craft fair.

And made two little tortoises with some left overs.

So although I love owls I think it's time some other little creatures got a look in!


  1. ownerofphunphelt1 July 2014 at 19:15

    I love your work! I am also a felter, and have started a little place called Phun Phelt! Your little creatures are so amazing! Are you self taught?

    1. Thanks very much. I've been on many workshops for wet felting but not for needle felting. I look forward to having a look at your blog.