Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Nuno Felting in the Washing Machine

Had a little experiment to see if I could create some nuno/laminate felt in the washing machine, without doing any rubbing, rolling or throwing myself.

The result wasn't entirely successful - there were bits of the fabric that had not adhered to the wool and I had to put them in about three cycles to get them to the stage I wanted. But it wasn't a complete disaster. I shaped them into four different brooches and may have another go sometime.

Here's another washing machine experiment.

I placed some handmade prefelts around a shower gel bottle, then I wrapped wool around everything to secure it in place. I then put it in a leg of a tights and washed it on a 40 degree wash.

Somehow it turned into this little creature!

And this little monster was done in the exact same way but around a balloon with legs and arms attached before putting in the washing machine.

What to do with them now!!


  1. I've only really tried texture felt in the washing machine, but that usually turns out well. I've put a few vessels with needlefelted locks through too, they come out alright. And I had a one layer scarf which I kept throwing in with my whites, that ended up with a gorgeous pebbley texture :)

    You got great textures with your nuno :)

    Your creatures are great, I love the smile on the bottom one :)

  2. Thanks Zed, I love felting in the washing machine - perhaps a sign that I'm a lazy felt maker!

    Got a bit addicted to felting round balloons a few years ago and then putting them on a 40 degree wash - always slightly worried that they would pop in the process but luckily they never did!