Thursday, 3 October 2013

Yarndale and Sari Silk Scarves

 I've had a busy few months preparing to be an exhibitor at Yarndale. Here's my pen the night before the show!

This is the first ever Yarndale so it was hard to predict how busy it would be. Luckily it was very busy!
I met lots and lots of lovely people - customers, exhibitors and organisers (who I think did an amazing job at making this such a successful show).

I wish I had taken more photos but I just didn't get the chance!

I also didn't get much of a chance to look around once the show opened but whizzing to my stall on the Sunday morning I was stopped in my tracks by this beautiful crochet scarf from the Natural Dye Studio.

The colours and the yarn are absolutely gorgeous.

I never finish big projects but I'm determined to do a few triangles every day - we'll see!

The only other thing I managed to buy was this cute stitch marker from the lovely Undercover Owl/One Hand Knits.

It might just encourage me to finish the matching sock to the one and only sock I've ever knitted!
                                                                                                                                                                          There was quite a bit of interest in how I"d made some scarves so I promised to post some pictures of how I made them. The instructions are fairly brief but I will try to do a more detailed tutorial soon.

In this one I used quite a few pieces of different coloured sari silk and laid them  on thin plastic, which was on top of a layer of bubble wrap.

 I used long thin strands of merino to edge the entire piece, then I laid wisps of merino over all the joints.

I then laid down two extremely thin layers of merino - there were areas where the sari silk was hardly covered.

Finally I randomly put down some silk thread and did diagonal lines with some fine wool/silk yarn.

 I wet the piece with luke warm water with olive soap flakes in. Covered with thin plastic, rubbing the air gently out of the piece and then I rolled from each end until felted!

Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of the finished scarf! And I sold it on Saturday so can't take one now!

Here are photo's of a blue and a red scarf that I made at the same time - I probably won't do that again though since it was a bit of a squash! They were made the same way as the one above.

Here they are finished.

Will post more detailed instructions soon x

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