Friday 12 June 2015

Felting with Sari Silks and Robbin Firth Workshop

This is a great way to test pieces of sari silks.

Covered with two thinnish layers of merino.

  These I did in the washing machine - to be made into bunting and flower brooches.

Lastly had a great workshop experience with Robbin Firth who developed the palm wash board. I've had one for a while but haven't used it much - I'll be using it all the time now though! We made a hat  and cowl in a one day workshop! Robbin shared lots of great tips and techniques. I think most of her workshops are now full but there may be a few spaces left - if not I'd highly recommend the palm washboard which you can purchase through Adelaide Walker

We used fibres to embellish at the workshop but I was eager to try the techniques learnt with sari silk and made a small cowl.

Made in half the time I usually take - the edges are not quite so neat but I was going for speed!

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